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Nikan Teb Kimia

As a knowledge-based pharmaceutical company, Nitka is focused on improving patients' lives by identifying, developing and commercializing new products. Our main goal is to produce products based on hyaluronic acid molecule.
As part of its ongoing commitment to improving patients' lives, Nitka is committed to producing products in a variety of therapeutic fields. This goal can be achieved by improving the sales quality of the company's current products and focusing on further development in various fields of treatment.


Nikan Teb Kimia Company, which is known by Nitka brand, has considered patient satisfaction as the most important principle in formulating its strategic principles and will spare no effort in this field. With full understanding of the principles of business management, Nitka Co. has provided an environment based on honesty, cooperation and innovation in the work and efforts of its members in order to improve the living conditions of dear patients.

Nikan Teb Kimia Products

The primary focus of our products is on high molecular weight hyaluronic products. By studying and examining the hyaluronic acid molecule, we have produced sterile products under the brands Synogel, Viscor and Hyodine and presnted them to the pharmaceutical market of Iran.


Viscor® contains high molecular weight sterile hyaluronic acid, which due to its high weight has a greater effect compared with products containing low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and is stored longer in the inter-joint space therefore considerably decreases the pain and inflammation in the patient for a longer period of time. One of the advantages of this product is being single injection, which is a special feature that reduces the risk of infection and the number of times patients needs to be visited.


Pre-filled syringes of synogel® contain high molecular weight sterile hyaluronic acid. Intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid is an approved treatment to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis, which is performed by a specialist. Osteoarthritis involves the breakdown of articular cartilage and eventually the involvement of subcutaneous bone, which causes inflammation of the surrounding tissues. This complication may affect any of the joints. The most common joints involved are knee, arm, pelvis and spine.


Hyodine ®is a medical device intended for healing a wide range of chronic and acute wounds, including infected wounds. The gel structure makes the product suitable also for healing very deep wounds, cavities and fistulae. Product efficacy is based on the synergistic effect of hyaluronic acid and iodine. In the product, hyaluronic acid is designed to promote a moist wound environment supporting the migration and viability of cells and draw excessive exudate out of the wound. The content of the iodine complex protects hyaluronic acid from bacteria degradation and at the same time provides antimicrobial protection to the wound.

Patient’s awareness Club

Nikan Teb Kimia Pharmaceutical Company has set up a section as a patients' club in order to create better conditions for improving the mental and physical complications of joint diseases, so that esteemed patients not only receive answer for their frequently asked questions concerning the diseases and available treatments, but also gain more scientific information regarding topics such as living with osteoarthritis and getting familiar with this disease and other required info.

Nitka News

Nikan Teb Kimia Company, always a pioneer in the pharmaceutical field, provides Prefilled Viscor and Synogel syringes to Iran market to improve the condition of patients with osteoarthritis; all our services and activities such as obtaining licenses, holding and participating in relevant conferences can be followed via our public new and website to enhance our esteemed customer and patients trust, this way individuals can use the company's products with more awareness and assurance.

Nikan Teb Kimia Company

As a knowledge-based pharmaceutical company, Nitka is focused on improving patients' lives by identifying, developing and commercializing new products. Our main goal is to produce products based on hyaluronic acid molecule for non-invasive orthopedic treatments.

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