Living with Osteoarthritis

The key to having a good life with osteoarthritis is you. Studies show that patients who care about self-care experience less pain. Self-care in osteoarthritis can reduce your pain in your daily activities and can also help you build self-confidence in living an active and independent life.

Train yourself

Learn as much as you can about your illness. Study Patient Education programs, Arthritis Self-Management Programs via Nitka website.

Protect your joints

Avoid putting extra pressure on the joints.

Stay active

Have regular physical activity. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. Three important types of exercise for patients with knee osteoarthritis:

• Exercises for increasing the range of joint motions to reduce dryness and increase joint flexibility

• Strengthening exercises to increase muscle strength and help for joints protection

• Aerobic exercise to improve heart health and losing weight

Get proper nutrition

Weight loss can lead to less pressure to knee joints and also it reduces the possibility of infecting by other disease

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep can reduce pain and help you better cope with osteoarthritis.

Tips to improve sleep:

• daily exercise

• Avoid tea and coffee or alcoholic beverages before going to bed

• Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool

Stay positive

• Focus on your strengths.

• Make fitness and proper nutrition a part of your lifestyle.

• Learn stress management techniques.

• Build a support group of family, friends and health care providers.

Nikan Teb Kimia Company

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